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Come, let’s CoEvolve

Established in Bengaluru in 2005, we ventured out with the sole aim of contributing meaningfully to the cityscape of the fast growing metropolis. We set benchmarks in adherence to byelaws and in delivery timelines. With strong ethos of crystal clear documentation and supreme transparency we created edifices that allow life and nature to be interconnected. Incorporating environmentally friendly features and adhering to robust international quality standards was the basis of our business at inception. That’s the philosophy we follow even today – BUILT ON ETHICS. BUILT TO LAST.

Our Story

The story of CoEvolve

Since inception, we at CoEvolve Estates (formerly Asset Builders) have been continually evolving - learning new things & perfecting our skills to achieve excellence.

A movement driven by better designs, more robust standards, and ultimately a sustainable environmentally-forward footprint and to provide safe, sustainable, inclusive and affordable homes for all.

In early 2000s Mr. Rahiman came across some alarming statistics pertaining to the real estate sector in Bangalore. The sector was mired in legal battles. The statistics was obtained from pending consumer court cases in the real estate sector. The major reasons for the cases were –

  1. Delay in possession
  2. Fraud
  3. Litigation
  4. Alteration in property (unit allotted)
  5. Alteration in Plan
  6. Improper documentation.

He was aghast at the state of affairs of the sector and the plight of the innocent home buyer who is neither aware of the subtle legal nuances nor the credibility of the developer.

Mr. Rahiman saw a need to serve this class of innocent home buyers and provide them with a product having perfect title deeds and even more importantly a product delivered within the committed timelines. This inspiration lead to the formation of Asset Builders. The mission being to provide a lifelong hassle-free home-ownership experience to all. The journey so far has been slow and steady in unchartered territory. 

We have been true to our cause with zero legal tangles in any project and every single project of ours being delivered ahead of schedule.  With the introduction of Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) in 2016, our USPs became the rule of the land forcing all developers to either toe the line or cease to exist. This lead to our rebranding initiative from Asset Builders to CoEvolve Estates to once again differentiate ourselves from the crowd with sustainable development as the key focus area.

As we embark on an aggressive journey ahead we are committed to our mission that is embodied in our tagline - “Built on Ethics. Built to Last.”


We strive to build a world with awareness of the interconnected nature of our existence, where creative innovation evolves into living beyond sustainability.

Vibrant, safe, codependent communities full of naturally enriching options and inspiring possibilities. And the foundation of this vision is set in the 5 pillars of our brand, depicted below.

The future is Circular

Circular Living - a step up from simply living sustainable, where every built environment is planned, designed and constructed holistically, based on the principle that no resource should be wasted, and where all waste is considered a valuable resource in itself.

In all of our projects, we strive to stay connected, build circular and focus on helping the world CoEvolve to Circular Living.


An inspired world.

A world where creative innovation evolves into circular living.

A world with vibrant, safe, codependent, coevolving communities and a future beyond sustainability.

Reaching beyond the regular realm of constructed environments, connecting people with each other, people with places, and places with people.

A world built on the singular global awareness of the interconnected nature of our existence.

A world full of naturally enriching options and inspiring possibilities.

A world that enlightened people can choose to call home - for good.


M.A Rahiman


A Chartered Accountant qualified from United Kingdom with vast national & international exposure. He ran a successful construction contracting company in Saudi Arabia in the 80s. Prior to starting on his own in India, he resigned as the CFO of Mobil Oil Corporation (Middle East region). He was part of a very successful real estate venture for close to a decade in the 90s.He served on the board of directors of Sami Labs (A Pharmaceutical Company) in early 2000s. He also ran a construction contracting firm in Bangalore that was exclusively into Pre-Engineered steel buildings. Mr. Rahiman then went onto establish Asset Builders which has recently been rebranded to CoEvolve Estates. Mr. Rahiman is a serial entrepreneur with interests in textile industry, retail industry, share broking, agriculture and F&B.

Suhail Rahman


An engineer with an MS from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has completed his business leadership program from IIM Bangalore. He believes in giving back to nature in whatever way possible and is very passionate about sustainable practices. His passion in this regard has led to landmark projects such as Asset Aura and CoEvolve Northern Star both of which have won global recognition with mentions in United Nations case studies as well as being selected consistently among the top rated residential communities in Asia Pacific region by World Green Building Council. He was also chosen as the most enterprising CEO (2016) by World Sustainability Group for his contribution to sustainable developments. Mr. Suhail is a governing body member of CREDAI Bengaluru (a trade body of real estate developers). He is an angel investor with interests in construction tech, virtual reality, augmented reality, sustainable tech among others. He also believes in giving opportunity to well deserving ideas from start-ups having worked with 4 such companies in the latest project CoEvolve Northern Star.

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