About us

Come, let’s CoEvolve

Established in Bengaluru in 2005, we ventured out with the sole aim of contributing meaningfully to the cityscape of the fast growing metropolis. We set benchmarks in adherence to byelaws and in delivery timelines. With strong ethos of crystal clear documentation and supreme transparency we created edifices that allow life and nature to be interconnected. Incorporating environmentally friendly features and adhering to robust international quality standards was the basis of our business at inception. That’s the philosophy we follow even today – BUILT ON ETHICS. BUILT TO LAST.

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Delighted Customers- Our Greatest Asset

"The remarkable thing about Asset Aura is it's commitment to the environment. The wind and solar energy farm that is used to power parts of this apartment complex impressed me a lot."

"My first concern was the legal part, when I first met them, it was natural not to believe them. When I followed up with my lawyer, I was told that their documentation is perfect and genuine."

"We were very clear about what we wanted. We went to a lot of tier-A builders initially. We wanted natural light to be present in all the rooms, we wanted greenery. Finding that was tough elsewhere."